Parent Testimonials

The Community Preschool of the Palisades, or “la escuelita” (the little school) like we call it at home, has been more than an early education option for our family…. When our daughter Amaya first joined the Polliwog class in 2011, we were concerned that she wouldn’t be able to adapt to the school because this entailed learning a new language, since we only speak Spanish at home. But the amazing teachers at “la escuelita”, who also speak different languages other than English, helped Amaya transition and become the bilingual kid she is today. Then it was time for our little Dago to join the school in 2013 and, after a rough beginning full of tears and separation anxiety, his teachers again helped him adapt to his new routine and friends, and more importantly a whole new language.

We cannot say enough words to thank the Community Preschool of the Palisades and its team for providing our kids with a safe and loving learning environment. It never feels like you are dropping off your kid in school, but rather, like leaving your kids with family members to take care of them.

J.M. and C.T.

The preschool is a wonderful place for kids to be! To play, to have fun and to learn along the way…. We have been with the preschool for a few years now. First our daughter was a Frog and then a Dragonfly. She loves to create art and was always encouraged to express her creativity. This was apparent in her overflowing art bag coming home on Fridays.

Our son was a Tadpole first and is now a Frog. He has a more sensory nature. He loves to dig in the dirt and explore how things work. Every day at pick up he tells me what he did build in the sandbox and in the classroom.

Although being so different both my kids love/d their teachers. The teachers are all very kind and caring. They give each child individual attention and foster character.

My older one is in second grade now and still remembers her preschool fondly. For us it was and still is the best decision to send our kids to the Palisades Preschool!


It is not just about the kids. There is a real community being built here… Like many, my wife and I came to the Palisades neighborhood for the Key School, Parks, River, and overall Village feel. We had not yet drilled into details of preschools and a church. No Matter.

Neighbors introduced us to the idea of the Community Preschool of the Palisades and we visited. Hard for me to overstate what a fantastic place it is. Very warm and loving. We sent each of our three boys there and they loved it. But it is not just about the kids. The school draws in the parents and you quickly become part of a larger Palisades Community. Many of our best friends (both the kids and mine) are from the Preschool. I have in turn recommended the preschool to many and heard nothing but thanks. There is a huge continuity to the Staff and the Director, Amelia Clark, is singularly dedicated to maintaining and sustaining a wonderful local educational institution


A true sense of community, shared purposed, and a safe structure in which children can explore… Having worked in education for over ten years, most of it on a high school boarding campus, I believe that the Preschool embodies many of the same principles that we worked so hard to achieve at the high school level: a sense of community for the children, the parents, and the teachers; a sense of shared purpose; and a safe structure in which children can explore. I am grateful to the Preschool staff for creating this culture in which we, and especially our daughter Wynne, have so enjoyed and been privileged to be a part of.

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