Frog Class

Three and four-year-olds, or Frogs, meet Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm.  We accept 16 students in this class. The students are instructed by a team of two teachers.

The Frog class is designed with “learning centers” and a daily schedule with many opportunities to explore, discover, create and ultimately - learn! The learning centers include our:

  • Block Center
  • Building Center (Small Manipulatives)
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Music Center
  • Sensory Table
  • Reading and Literacy Center (Book Area)
  • Science Center
  • Math Center
  • Writing Center
  • Morning Meeting & Together Time
  • Art Center
  • Large Motor Play Area (Playground and Big Room)
  • Our Gardens and the Environment

Each center is purposely designed to:

  • Enhance a particular area of development
  • Help integrate knowledge and concepts learned in other areas
  • Promote learning through play

The toys, puzzles, games, and supplies in these centers will change throughout the year as the Frog Children’s interests grow and their needs change. Children pack a healthy, nut-free lunch from home and eat together in community as part of their preschool day.  

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