Polliwog Class

Classroom Hours: Mornings from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

About the Polliwogs:  The Polliwog Class is a learning environment for two to three year-olds. Children are placed in the class with the Director’s approval. The Polliwogs meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We admit up to sixteen children in the morning class, which is led by a team of three teachers.

A Gentle Transition: The Polliwogs store their jackets and personal belongings in “cubbies,” which are located in the hallway outside the classroom. The morning routine of storing their jackets and belongings in the cubby area along with the other Polliwogs will help your child separate from you more easily.

Gathering Time: The classroom is a caring, nurturing, play based environment with a moderately structured curriculum. The children are encouraged to discover and explore their interests through play. We use music and group discussions during Gathering Time to help them recognize their classmates, reinforce their friendships and follow the curriculum.

Learning With Literature, Math, Science Projects, Cooking & Art: The daily activity is introduced by one of the teachers. Instructions are given orally, but children are still encouraged to explore the day’s project with freedom and imagination. The steps, materials and tools given are designed to develop the child’s listening, cognitive and fine motor skills. Topics are introduced through the children’s own naturally curiosities. This is called emergent curriculum.

Physical Activity: Children need to move! We strongly recognize the importance of preschoolers exercising their large muscles, as well as developing and coordinating their small motor skills. Every day on the playground, we witness the link between increased muscle control and confidence in the children.  New physical skills are developed in concert with the courage to take risks. We schedule at least thirty minutes of outdoor play each day to cultivate large muscle development and self-assurance. Along with physical play opportunities, our playground offers a hands-on world that includes a garden where your child can explore nature and develop a healthy respect for their environment.

Social Interaction: Small children are very social with one another. To encourage growth and comfort in this area, we provide a formal social setting for the children during their school day. A healthy nut-free lunch is brought from home and children eat together at the tables in their classroom. They are encouraged to help clean-up the lunch area and enjoy a book when finished and while the rest of the class is packing up.  

At the age of three, parallel play quickly turns into small group and one-on-one exchanges. As confidence builds, true friendships begin to emerge. By meeting three days a week and maintaining a modest class size of 16 children, we are able to ensure a great opportunity for the emotional and social growth of your child.

In the Polliwog Class we offer a play-based setting where their three year-old worlds blossom into confidence, friendships and fun!

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