Tadpole Class

The two-year-olds or Tadpoles meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.. We accept 12 students in this class. The class is taught by two teachers and one teacher’s assistant.

About the Tadpoles: We recognize that the Tadpole Class may be your two year-old’s first exposure to a school setting. To assist with their transition, we introduce a moderately structured routine in a caring, nurturing, play-based environment, with a stimulating curriculum and social setting. In our classrooms, 12 children and a team of three teachers are able to begin to explore the world around them. Classes meet two days per week. Children must be two years old by August 31 of the current school year to be admitted.

Free Play: By beginning the day with “free play,” your child learns to separate from you, find an activity to their pleasure and explore all that our classroom has to offer. A wide variety of art, puzzles, and sensory activities are offered, along with a room full of developmentally appropriate toys and dress-up materials with which your child can explore.

Together Time: During Together Time, the children are encouraged to transition from their play activity to a group setting where a sense of classroom community is developed through our welcoming songs. We help them to develop reasoning skills and recognize fellow classmates by asking “Who is missing today?” Our songs and hand-movements during Together Time stimulate and strengthen cognitive skills and help them lengthen their attention spans.

Learning with Cooking & Art: The daily activity is totally voluntary and offers turn-taking skills as only a certain number are called to the table at a time. The project is introduced and explained without a model for your child to follow. They are given the opportunity to truly create their own work of art. The art project reinforces a weekly theme where children are introduced to such concepts as opposites, shapes and colors, farm and zoo animals and a wide variety of developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Social Interaction: Small children are very social with one another. To encourage growth and comfort in this area, we provide a formal social setting for the children during their school day. A healthy nut-free lunch is brought from home and children eat together at their tables in the Tadpole class.

Physical Activity: Children need to move! We strongly recognize the importance of preschoolers exercising their large muscles, as well as developing and coordinating their small motor skills. Every day on the playground, we witness the link between increased muscle control and confidence in the children. New physical skills are developed in concert with the courage to take risks. We schedule at least thirty minutes of outdoor play each day to cultivate large muscle development and self-assurance. Along with physical play opportunities, our playground offers a hands-on world that includes a garden where your child can explore nature and develop a healthy respect for their environment.

In the Tadpole Class we offer a play-based environment where two year-olds can nurture their curiosity, build a foundation for further learning and make friends!

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